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Qi Gong In The Rain

July 25th, 2016|0 Comments

I opened my windows and watched and listened to the rain for a while.  You could almost hear the earth give a sigh of relief as the water brought relief to the thirsty landscape. All [...]

Insider’s Natural Tips: Protecting Your Family From Colds and Flus

March 18th, 2016|0 Comments

Tips To: Prevent Time Away From Work Prevent Lost School Time Save Money on Supplements That Might Not Work This Season An Insider's Natural Tips: Protecting Your Family From Colds and Flus This has been [...]

Beautiful Love and Happiness Meditation

March 7th, 2016|0 Comments

I came across this beautiful love and happiness meditation that I felt really needed to be shared.  I am not sure who wrote this or where it came from, but I have heard someone say the Dalai [...]

Can Showing Love to Your Illness Help You Heal?

February 26th, 2016|0 Comments

Can showing love to your illness help you heal? If you get sick, let’s say with the flu, and you are feeling like crap, and vomiting into your toilet…how do you view your flu bug? [...]

It is NOT natural NOT to feel happy and joyful!

You Deserve To Feel Fully Alive…Again!

This site is dedicated to YOU!

This site is a collection of thoughts/ideas/tools/tips to help you in YOUR journey to help YOURSELF feel fully alive … again!

You were meant to feel great! Feel free to share your thoughts , comments and stories…together we can do this!

Here’s a question for you:  When was the last time you jumped in a pile of leaves? Or made plans to go get some Double Bubble?

It seems to me that we begin life full of amazement, full of wonder.  To see a butterfly up close.  To lick the spoon after mixing up cookie dough.  And then gradually life happens.  Little by little we can get worn down.  Often we don’t even realize it is happening.  Like the frog in the pot that gradually heats up, we don’t realize we need to jump out until it is too late.   It can be different reasons, different experiences for everyone.  Little by little we may lose our zest…our passion…until one day we suddenly realize that we don’t feel like the person we used to be.

Have you EVER felt that way?

As I pass people in the streets, I look into their eyes and I see that for many, that light is dim, that zest is missing.

I used to feel that way.  But what I realized is that is NOT a natural thing!  We were all meant to feel energized, to jump out of bed with excitement.   I went through many tough times myself, my wife and I lost a child, I lost my health, my heart stopped…but I got back up again…and so can you!

That is what this site is dedicated to: YOU feeling fully alive … again!

This is a project that has been in my heart over the last decade…to share the things I have learned, and continue to learn about TOTAL HEALTH.  Holistic health.  Mind, Body, Spirit.  I have had, and continue to have great mentors and teachers…I want to disseminate the things that have helped me get my SELF back.  You deserve this.  We deserve this.
My name is Tony, and I am fortunate enough to have the most amazing wife and partner in life Liza.

My wife Liza is a nurse and talented healer…it is her mission in life.

I have been in business, marketing and finances for 25 years. I have won many awards, had great successes, worked with and been mentored by tremendous individuals.   I have also had some very tough times…had my health crash, lost a child, suffered job losses at very inopportune times…fought some dark periods of depression.

20 years ago I began my investigation into “Alternative Health”.  Here I discovered the amazing world of Reiki, studied with some Reiki Masters and Energy Workers,  and the power our bodies have to self-heal.  I became a vegetarian…and found my body simply began to function better.  I have been on a drum healing journey with a shaman, found my animal spirits, been to sweat lodges and sought counsel and guidance from the elders there and the ancestors that came before them. I have experienced first hand the healing powers of non-traditional healing arts like Oesteopathy, Reiki, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine.  I am enthusiastically continuing my journey, and  currently immersed in studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, herbs, and all the amazing philosophies and ideas that it is steeped in.

Once I was lost.  A burnt out business person.  Living life, but with little passion.

With the help of my family, my friends, my mentors…I made changes in my life, in my actions, in my thoughts…small actions…one step at a time.  And now it is my turn to give back.

I hope that even just one person can get one thing out of here that can help them in their own journey back to feeling fully alive again.

Peace, Health and Happiness!

Tony & Liza

So many people have done amazing things with their lives.  They have come back against the odds, they have fought overwhelming battles…and yet somehow emerged with their head held high, stronger than ever.

We would love to hear from you!  We would love to hear YOUR stories, to hear the things you have learned.  Because we are all in the world together, and if everyone helps each other out, then imagine what a beautiful life we can all lead.

Calling all contributors!  We look forward to hearing from you!

You can email us at, OR just use the contact form, accessible from the main menu at the top of the page.

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