loveyourfluCan showing love to your illness help you heal?

If you get sick, let’s say with the flu, and you are feeling like crap, and vomiting into your toilet…how do you view your flu bug? Is it possible to open your heart and show it love? (or is that just plain crazy talk?!)

I have been immersing myself in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) this year, and already my interpretation of its philosophies and ways of thinking are impacting me tremendously.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, illness is viewed as someone simply being “out of balance”.

For that person to heal, they should simply try to restore themselves to balance.   It is believed that the body has the ability to heal itself, and that when the body is truly in balance, that healing can, and will occur.

They also believe that sickness is part of us. Your sickness is part of you. My sickness is part of me. So if I hate the flu I have…it means that I hate part of myself! And of course if I hate part of myself, then how could I possibly be in balance?

All my life, when I have gotten sick I have gotten angry!

I don’t want to be sick! I have too much to do! I can’t miss this upcoming meeting! I have been embarrassed. I have hidden it. I have avoided sick people like the plague. I have become an instant bundle of negative emotion and negative energy!

And when I think about it…all that negative energy I am creating…it is anything BUT helpful to my body healing itself.

It is in fact likely quite the opposite…the negative energy is entirely detrimental to my body and my self-balance.

So of late I have tried to just relax. If I notice I am starting to blow my nose a bit, I try not to get nervous, tense, mad and tell it to go away…I can’t afford to get sick right now…NOOOOO!  Instead I am just trying to take a deep breath and say thank you! Thank you to my body for noticing that obviously something about me is out of balance, and thank you for activating the self-healing in my body.   Thank you to my body for the signal that I need to change something up. I tell my body I LOVE my body, and everything in it. And then I listen to my body to hear what it needs! If I am tired I sleep. If I haven’t been eating very well…it tells me…and so I ensure I get back on track with healthy food to feed my body. If I am thirsty I drink lots of fresh water. I give it some immune strengthening herbs if it calls for it.

And so far this year…I believe I feel better this winter than I have felt in decades (literally). How amazing is that?!

So next time you sense that flu coming, do you feel you can show that flu some love?

As I am learning, it is part of us…and it is telling us something…and maybe we just need to listen to it and love it! For my part, I am going to keep trying to accept it and just love “me”… all parts of me!

Thoughts? Comments? Love to hear them! Just share them below!

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