I opened my windows and watched and listened to the rain for a while.  You could almost hear the earth give a sigh of relief as the water brought relief to the thirsty landscape.

All of a sudden I was over come with an undeniable urge to go and do Qi Gong in the rain!   I just had to get out there and feel the rain as it splashed down from above.   I ran upstairs (quietly so I would not wake anyone), threw on some shorts, ripped off my shirt, and headed into the back yard barefoot.

At first, as each plump drop of rain struck my mostly naked skin, my face contorted because it felt so cold.    I wondered to myself if I should run back in…but I still felt drawn to stay out and feel the power of nature.  I moved over to our organic garden and ate a few sugar snap peas off their vine…so delicious, freshly washed by the pouring rain.

I then moved to the middle of the yard and began my Qi Gong in the rain!

As I brought my arms up, scooping up the energy, I felt the raw energy of nature flash through my body.  The startling difference of the cool rain drops and the warmth of the swirling energy or Qi, tasted so delicious!  I raised my arms in the air and stared into the sky above.  I felt so connected.  I felt giddy with joy.  I laughed as I imagined what I must look like if any neighbour happened to be watching at the moment…but I did not care.

I felt alive.

I felt fully alive.

I felt fully alive AGAIN!

It was a reminder to me to make sure that continue to get out and enjoy life.  To participate in life.  To do things that I would have done as a kid…but might be held back as an adult…for whatever reason.

Qi Gong in the rain!

What is the last crazy thing you did that made your feel fully alive again?



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