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Give Yourself More Love

Give Yourself More Love The past 2 years, I have been meeting with clients who come into clinic for Energy and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment.  One of the most surprising things I have observed is that whatever is ailing  people, the main reason (root) of the problem can be boiled to down to just a [...]

The Most Amazing Week! (Follow Your Passion!)

Today I celebrate a week in which something amazing happened!  This week I did more Energy healing and cupping sessions than I have in any other week ever before … and it was simply wonderful! The Most Amazing Week! (Follow Your Passion!) It was only this July that I made the announcement to the universe [...]

How Qigong Heals Your Mind and Body And Why You Should Try It!!

How Qigong Heals Your Mind and Body And Why You Should Try It!! Qigong has been practiced in China for thousands of years, and it is said to be practiced by tens of millions of people in China as a form of preventative and self-healing Chinese Medicine.   It is all natural, and something basically anyone [...]

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Most Inspirational Fortune Cookie Ever

Every once in a while I see something that totally inspires me, that fills me with hope. After eating some fantastic Chinese food, I opened this fortune cookie! If this inspires you in some way, be sure to share this with those in need of hope!

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Hot Yoga, Breathing, and Letting Fear Stop You From Reaching For Your Dreams

I am a 52 year old, not very flexible male, who has never done yoga, let alone hot yoga.  Yet a few weeks ago, something drew me to attending my first ever hot yoga class.  It was as if my body or spirit knew that there was something about it, some lesson, that I needed [...]

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How Emotions Get Out Of Whack (And How To Re-Balance Them)

In this quick article I will show you how your physical health and emotional health are connected energetically, and how you can rebalance yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Within all of us is a beautiful energy called “Qi” or “Universal Energy” … it is an all-natural energy that is meant to flow freely throughout our [...]

Find Your Happiness Center

In clinic many people coming in are feeling anxious, stressed, exhausted, sad or depressed. They may have some aches and pains, but I believe almost all their ailments can be traced to emotions that are harmful to the harmony of our bodies, minds and spirits. It is not surprising, giving the lifestyle of society today. [...]

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Qi Gong In The Rain

I opened my windows and watched and listened to the rain for a while.  You could almost hear the earth give a sigh of relief as the water brought relief to the thirsty landscape. All of a sudden I was over come with an undeniable urge to go and do Qi Gong in the rain! [...]

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Insider’s Natural Tips: Protecting Your Family From Colds and Flus

Tips To: Prevent Time Away From Work Prevent Lost School Time Save Money on Supplements That Might Not Work This Season An Insider's Natural Tips: Protecting Your Family From Colds and Flus This has been an aggressive flu/cold season with many babies, children and adults coming to the clinic for ear infections, pneumonia, chest infections, digestive flu with [...]

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Beautiful Love and Happiness Meditation

I came across this beautiful love and happiness meditation that I felt really needed to be shared.  I am not sure who wrote this or where it came from, but I have heard someone say the Dalai Lama's loves it. How wonderful would you feel if you read this aloud every day to start your day!   [...]

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