Welcome To The Peaceful and Healing World of Reiki!

Reiki is a beautiful universal energy.  It is everywhere and in all living things.

Reiki is a subtle energy that restores and balances our bodies, minds and spirits.

Reiki activates the natural healing process that is within us all!

“Rei” can be loosely translated as ‘Higher intelligence’ or ‘Divine’.  “Ki” is the life force energy that all living things are made of.

Reiki is totally inclusive.  Anyone and everyone is welcome.  You can bring your own particular beliefs in to it, or they do not have to be involved at all.  Reiki is simply loving energy, that can be accessed by every single living being on this wonderful planet!

My first Reiki Master, Helen, gave me a wonderfully beautiful analogy to describe Reiki: “Reiki is the rain that falls upon the rice paddies”.   At that time in Japan, rice was a staple food…a food of life…and the rain brought life to the rice.   When I close my eyes I can see the relationship so clearly.  Reiki is the life energy that flows within our bodies, minds and spirits…it is all around us.  If you close your eyes, perhaps you too can imagine the Reiki energy falling from the heavens upon you…nourishing your body, mind and spirit.  Energizing you, healing you, empowering you!

As a “business person” part of what led to my health crash 20 years ago, and that started my  whole journey and discovery of Reiki was that I was always on the go, working crazy hours, not eating properly, not exercising.  And I would find myself exhausted.  Out of balance. Just spent.  When I got my Reiki sessions with my 3 mentors Peggy Marguarite, Helen and Barbara…the energy from those sessions over the years would have such a profound effect on me.  It would revitalize me.  It would balance me.  It would help me bring my hectic life back to a better pace.  It changed me.  I believe it saved my life.

I have left my career in the business world to be able to spend my remaining days on earth as a healer.  I have been a Reiki Master for 15 years, and seen amazing results in the clients I share Reiki with.  I also teach Reiki classes, and have found this a particular passion of mine…to help others not only heal themselves through the attunements, but to allow them to work on others as Reiki practitioners.   I also take classes in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), I study Qi Gong with master Sat Hon, attend sweat lodges, and constantly explore new ways to raise my energy and to help people to feel joy again in life.  I also published an international #1 best selling book called “Rejuvenate You” (you can get info on this here), which chronicles my journey back to health after losing a loved one, and then my health.

Reiki has five beautiful principles that I have chosen to live my life by:

Just for today, do not be angry
Just for today, do not worry
Just for today, be grateful
Just for today, work hard
Just for today, be kind to others.

I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love.  I am filled with love, wonder and gratitude.  However I can help people in their own journey to feel fully alive again…I am here.

Peace, Health and Happiness!


What To Expect In A Reiki Session

Reiki, first and foremost, allows your body to fully relax…it allows your body to be in a state where it is able to rest, to rejuvenate, to self heal.  Our bodies these days are stressed by the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the hours we work, financial worries, health concerns, by being a continual state of busyness.  Reiki allows your body to take a much needed “Time Out”…some “me” time so drastically needed.  Many people find it will relax them, it will calm their mind, it will help their focus, it can help your body to detoxify, it can help find some light when feeling down or worn down.  Many people find that if they have injuries that Reiki will help put their body in a better state so that it can heal itself.   Reiki can help people get “unstuck”, get their energy moving…help them begin to feel better mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
In my Reiki session, you will lie on a comfortable padded Reiki table.  You will be fully clothed, have a pillow under your head, and be covered by a blanket so you can be as warm and comfortable as possible.   Relaxing, healing music will be playing softly in the background, and a beeswax candle will likely be burning giving off it’s soft illumination.

We will chat a bit, answer any questions you have, and then you will be given a deep breathing exercise to do.  Many people find this exercise produces some cool results!

I generally do not lay my hands directly on anyone.  I find more powerful results working in the energy fields that rise from the body…so most of the time my hands will be about one inch above you…revelling in the beautiful Reiki energy field.  At times I my hands may be a few feet about you…it depends on what energy fields need work.

I will start by “scanning” your energy field, moving my hands across your energy field.  I will feel areas that are out energetically of balance, or stagnate, or too busy… and I will spend a lot of the session on these areas of the body that are telling me they need me to focus on them.

Many people get so relaxed they find themselves enjoying a quick nap…and wake up feeling refreshed!

Afterwards, we will often share a quick cup of green tea and share any experiences, thoughts or observations.

Every Reiki session can be very different.  Not only different from person to person, but also the same person can have very different experiences from one session to the next…it all depends upon what your body/mind/spirit needs to heal at that time.

Many people experience tremendous relaxation.

Some times you may feel a beautiful sense of calmness, and that the world just seems to slow down a bit, and that it is easier to breath and enjoy things!  You may find that little things that usually irritate you just don’t seem to matter that much.

Many times, when energy that has been stagnant finally starts moving again…or “shifts” people will feel different emotions bubble up.  Sometimes you may just start giggling or full hearted laughing!  Sometimes you may find tears coming up, needing to be released.

Some people see some amazingly beautiful colours, lights and shapes.

You may think of something, or someone that you had completely forgotten about for years.

You may get a message sent to you of something you need to do.

Nothing bad can ever happen.  The environment is totally safe and sealed with love.  It is simply divine energy helping your body, mind and soul return to the balance it desires!

First and foremost bring an open mind and a desire to have your body heal itself! Many people bring their journal with them so that they can record some of their thoughts right after the session while it is still fresh in their minds.  If you have a particular type of tea you want to drink afterwards, by all means bring that.
Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.
You don’t have to…but if able,  I would suggest that you cut down on your sweets a bit, cut down on your caffeine, and drink some nice clean water…this just helps prepare you body energetically…and you may find you just plain feel better!
Over the next few days, I would encourage you to listen to your body.  If you are tired…then rest.  If you are hungry…then nourish your body with healthy food.  If you are thirsty…then drink nice clean water or herbal tea.
Yes I am a Reiki Master!  I was introduced to Reiki almost 20 years ago by a friend.  I began healing myself with it, and became so interested that I started studying Reiki with a Reiki Master.  I took my Level 1 Reiki, then my Level 2 Reiki, then a few years later my Advanced Reiki.  A while after that I decided that I wanted to make a firm commitment to always having Reiki in my life and became a Reiki Master.  I have worked on my family, friends, clients, and have also taught a Reiki course and done attunements.    I am so happy this wonderful healing art has been a part of my life…and I have personally experienced, and seen some amazing, beautiful things.
The easiest way to contact me for an appointment is to email me at tony@feelfullyaliveagain.com, or simply use the Contact Us form which you can access from the top menu.
I have always struggled with this as in a perfect world I would lovinging give Reiki for free.  However, there does have to be an energy exchange.  In general a session is $50 and the session is approx. 45 minutes long, often followed by some green tea, and we can exchange our thoughts/feelings from the session.   If you feel you need a Reiki session, but cannot afford it, please let me know and we discuss options, as I want everyone who needs a session to get a session….this is very important to me.  I sometimes also receive some thoughts after my client has left, and I will email these to you as follow up.  I can go to a clients home if they cannot make it to our home, there is an additional time and gas charge for this depending on the distance.
I absolutely LOVE to teach Reiki classes!  It is an amazing experience.  Prepare to learn some wonderful things about Reiki, energy work, how the body wants to heal itself, some fun and wonderful energy exercises.  Receive your Reiki attunements to increase your ability to give and receive energy.  I also blend in some amazing extras I have learned over my 20 year Reiki journey, including some powerful meditations, and a special Qi Gong series of movements personally taught to me by my Qi Gong master.  Overall it is a very interactive experience…learning, discovering, sharing, and practicing.  You will leave the class excited to take your self and your energy to another level!  Reiki changed my life and I want you to experience it for yourself!

Please contact me to see when classes are currently pre-scheduled.  If you have a group of 2 – 3 or more that are interested, we can do a special training just for your group.

Private trainings are also available.

Here is a testimonial on the training!

Level One Reiki with Tony

What an amazing experience! The environment was set up in a way that made me feel, safe and welcomed. I felt the energy the minute I entered. Tony’s energy and natural ways had such a strong presence in the room. The meditation part brought me to a place I have never been! I was amazed that by the end of the session I could feel my energy healing others. Understanding our 7 chakras and learning how to open them was amazing! As I continue on this journey, I look forward to continue to be inspired by Tony. Thanks for such a fantastic day!   – Elisa-

I just want to thank you Tony for giving me such a great week…and more to come! Work is usually a huge stress for me with all the negativity and pressures. After our first session I slept better than I had in a long time. And since our second session nothing has phased me. A coworker actually commented about how nothing has been bothering me especially after he witnessed an incident that would have made my blood boil but I just laughed it off.
Not only am I just walking away or ignoring the negativity around me but now I am able to convert that negativity into a positive flow interaction.
Tony you are the best.
I can never predict what my experience will be during a reiki session. What I can say is that it almost always leads to me relaxing so much that I end up falling asleep. Sometimes I see different colours – (with eyes closed). I am partial to seeing lavender, but have seen all the colours of the rainbow, sometimes the colours are soft and sometimes they are very vibrant!
The one thing that does stand out and is consistent is how “hot” (in a pleasant way) Tony’s hands are over the area he is working on. Despite the heat, the temperature is always pleasant!
I am always very thankful for my Reiki sessions 🙂
I was skeptical at first to try Reiki but now I am so thankful for it. I read someone’s description of reiki as getting a massage and counseling at the same time. I like this description. I have had three sessions so far with Tony and each have been a different experience. One of my sessions was at a time when I had a headache for almost a week straight. Shortly after the session had ended I realized that my headache was completely gone. It was during that same session that saw a lotus flower emerge out of the darkness. I had seen colours on my first session so was surprised when I saw the flower. Every session has left me feeling relaxed, calm, energized, sleeping better and ready for what ever life is going to throw at me.
I received a treatment from Tony this afternoon , and after 30 years of various treatments, I doubt I have ever come away from one more relaxed than his. I heartily recommend it for any of the above reasons, or just to treat yourself to feeling blissfully at peace. Been busy wishing the whole world feel as good and relaxed as I do now and very much ready for a good night’s sleep. Thank you Tony.
Renessa Bak