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Learn The Ancient Healing Art Of Reiki

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Reiki Level One

Reiki Level Two

Reiki Master

This is the Reiki Training Home of Tony "Wolfe" Sibbald and FeelFullyAliveAgain.com  If you have been thinking about learning Reiki, now is the time! Classes will be held every month! If you are ready to learn Reiki then we will have the right class for you!  NO prior experience is necessary for Level One. You can come by yourself, or you can grab a few friends who want to learn it to! Reiki is pure and simple loving Energy. It places the receiving person in a state of stillness and peace, and this allows the body to relax and self heal.  It is so beautiful and so powerful! (scroll down further for complete class agendas and schedules) Just google FeelFullyAliveAgain and you will see all our Google reviews (or click here). We are truly blessed.  

Learn Reiki Level 1, 2 and Reiki Master

Small Class Size

Lots Of Personal Attention

Classes are open to all. Everyone is welcome. There is no judgement. You may have lots of experience with Reiki … you may have no experience. In fact, many times people who already took a class elsewhere have come to do the class again and learn some new things. It’s all good!  You can take a deep breath, relax, and just let yourself be you.  You are on a journey, and know that you will be exactly where you need to be.  

Classes are fun, interactive, and can be very emotional and releasing … with lots of personal attention and time to practice. I also commit myself to helping support everyone after class is over. This was very important for me as a young Reiki Practitioner when my Reiki Master would patiently answer all my questions …. and it is important to me to be there for you.

What is Reiki Energy

What Is Reiki Energy?

Reiki is a wonderful loving gift from the Universe. In these Reiki classes you will be attuned to the Reiki source, and learn how to connect with the Energy, and share the white light healing Energy with yourself, with loved ones, and with clients.

Please click the button below to visit my main Energy page (FeelFullyAliveAgain.com) to read more about Healing Energy and how it works. 

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Hi, I'm Tony "Wolfe" Sibbald 


I am a Reiki Master, Medical Qigong Master and Daoist Priest. Reiki Energy saved my life ... and is my life! I am blessed to be able to run the Healing Energy and Wellness Clinic (FeelFullyAliveAgain.com)  and treat clients and teach the beautiful art of Energy work and Healing Energy. I have been doing this a long time...almost 30 years. I have treated thousands of clients and taught many many students the art and love of Reiki. I would be honoured to be a part of your personal healing journey if you feel a connection to study with me.

 You may be on a healing journey yourself...

Perhaps you have been called to the Energy world but were just unsure how to enter into it...

Maybe you feel your passion and purpose in life is to help people

If So ... Then You Are In The Right Place At The Right Time!!

You will learn everything you need to know! Just come with an open mind, a willness to continue your own personal healing journey, and an excitement to help the world by sharing your love and light! You will learn everything you need to know to run your own Reiki practice if this is what you want to do.  (scroll down for class schedule)

Reiki Training Class Schedules & Agendas


  • Small class sizes. Lots of personal attention.  Hands on practice.

  • Specialized knowledge from Reiki, Qigong, Daoism and TCM Theory

  • Reiki Training Manual and official Certificate as a Certified Practitioner

  • Full support from Tony before, during and after the training class

  • Special access to the Online Knowledge Portal for students of Tony for free

Reiki Class Schedules

These may be subject to change so always double check with Tony

Learn Reiki Level 1

Reiki Level 1 Schedule

Class is ONE Day, so each of these are separate classes

Saturday March 23rd 10am (completed)

Saturday May 18th, 2024, 10am

If you cannot attend this session, please contact me for the next date! Thanks [email protected]

Learn Reiki Level2

Reiki Level 2 Schedule

Class is ONE Day, so each of these are separate classes

Sat February 24, 2024 10am(completed)

Sunday May 26th, 2024 10am

If you cannot attend this session, please contact me for the next date! Thanks! [email protected] 

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Learn Reiki Level 3  (Reiki Master)

Reiki Master Schedule

Class is the WHOLE Weekend

When students are ready, please let Tony know and he will schedule the next Reiki Master class.

The next tentative date is early summer 2024.  If you are interested let me know, as I am building a list of interested students.  

What Students Say

Taylor, Ontario Canada

Recently I got my Reiki Level 1 with Tony and I am grateful I did. I have felt a pull towards reiki for a very long time. After talking with different people and some research, I had a choice between a few different Reiki teachers. Even though Tony was over 3 hours from me and another choice was literally across the street from me, I chose to drive the distance to practice with Tony. This is because I felt an energy about Tony and what he teachers and it felt like the right fit for me. Along with a friend who got his level 1 and 2 with Tony and had nothing but the best things to say - I knew that this would have to be the best decision for me and it was.Tony has an interesting approach to Reiki with the added brilliance of QiGong used in Reiki sessions. He is a soft speaker and encourages his students. As a student, my teacher is one of the most important parts of my journey because not only will I learn during the class but I will continue to be learning after and Tony has been nothing but attentive, encouraging, warm and understanding as I'm practicing in the real world. I look for patience and kindness in people most of all and I feel extremely grateful that my Reiki Teacher Tony has given me that and more. Thank you Tony.

Taylor, Ontario Canada 

Raving Reviews

"I had the most AMAZING experience doing my Reiki level 1 with Tony. He made the atmosphere so comfortable and continued to encourage and uplift us the whole time!! He is filled with so much knowledge and you can feel the passion from him in what he doesHighly recommend, if I could give 10 stars I would"

Anna K

Ontario, Canada

"Tony is an incredible Reiki Master. I thoroughly enjoyed my one-on-one training with him. He has a calm and welcoming demeanor that allowed me to feel safe to open up and push my ego aside. We had a profound connection and I'm so glad I was drawn to him for my training. He encourages confidence in trusting your own intuition which is key in Level One. Thank you so much for all you taught me, Tony."

Carrie H.

Ontario, Canada

"Waited a few decades to take Reiki training and I’m glad I did. Tony is a very sincere, loving individual sharing sobering insights that anyone, who is ready, will benefit endlessly from.If you feel you’re ready it’s going to be a lovely experience. Highly recommend."

Brad Y.

Ontario, Canada

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